"Your blind worked FLAWLESSLY..."

"We set up the ReflexPRO on the edge of a wheat field, and my client killed the biggest buck of his life with his 10mm handgun out of it. Your blind worked FLAWLESSLY. It is so damn easy to set up. It was pouring rain, and we stayed perfectly dry. The magnetic windows are AWESOME, we had to open and close different windows with deer right on top of us to get him the shot and the cameraman his shot as well. Zippers and velcro would have never cut it."
- Mitchell Montgomery (Montgomery Properties Ranch)

interchangeable camo panels
silent: no velcro OR zippers
fast set up & take down
stable shooting platform
stable in wind


The ReflexPRO is equipped with magnetic bow and rifle windows and touts a 72" diameter making it an ideal two or three man hunting blind. The solid shooting rest and magnetic design provides a silent and sturdy hunting experience.

  • powder coated aluminum frame
  • 8 interchangeable panels
  • Diameter: 72" / height: 72" / wT: 75 lb
  • full size door: 27" x 60"
  • Included: carrying bag, windows, sTAKES


The ReflexSCOUT is equipped with magnetic rifle windows and weighs only 55 lb. This lightweight yet sturdy design provides the maneuverability of a standard pop up blind but rigid frame of a stationary hunting blind.
  • 6 Interchangeable PANELS
  • Diameter: 57" / Height: 72" / wT: 55 lb
  • Full size door: 27" x 60"
  • Included: Carrying bag, windows, sTAKES